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Sunnyfields Primary School

Sunnyfields Primary School

''Respect, challenge, enquiring mind and confident''


Punctuality and Attendance


Please phone school EVERY morning that your child does not attend, before 9:30am so that their attendance records are kept up to date.  


We do not consider a cold, cough, headache or tummy ache to be an illness that prevents your child from attending school. If they are complaining of this kind of thing, please bring them to school and if they deteriorate then we will call you to collect them. We often find that once children are among their friends and engaged in learning they feel better.


Please only keep your child at home if it is absolutely necessary.


Punctuality is a life skill which all children will benefit from in the future.


The late procedures are in place so that every child is entered onto the register and can be accounted for in the event of an emergency.


In Case of Absence